Chocolate Shop is the ultimate chocolate lover's wine, pairing deep, ruby red wine with rich, velvety chocolate for a decadent experience like no other.




With over a decade in the wine industry, winemaker Hal Landvoigt has traveled wine regions around the world, sourcing the finest grapes and cultivating a unique and unpretentious winemaking style.


Hal is a firm believer that wine should make people happy. As the winemaker behind Chocolate Shop, Hal does not shy away from innovation. Since the introduction of Chocolate Shop in 2011, Hal’s dedication to crafting rich, flavorful wines that push the envelope has positioned Chocolate Shop as the top-selling chocolate red wine in the United States.


Chocolate and red wine are a classic natural pairing. Chocolate Shop takes both to the next level, marrying decadent chocolate flavor with rich red wine to create a sumptuous drink. We begin with a proprietary red wine blend, add a touch of oak and a kiss of sweetness to create the perfect fruit-driven match for rich dark chocolate. 

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